When People Pull Out Their Smartphones, Can They Find Your Business?

Around the world there are 1.4 billion people using their smartphones to browse the internet, search for information, play games, and make phone calls. Unfortunately, many businesses lose out on this market because their websites are not optimized for mobile devices. Approximately 77% of mobile websites take up to five seconds to load, which is deterring customers from staying on their sites. If a site is difficult to navigate, users tend to leave and never come back.

Creating mobile websites is usually last on a company to do list, but statistics bear out that mobile websites are important. Websites that are optimized for mobile use see about twice as many visitors as those that are not. This translates to about 6.5 visits as opposed to only 3.5 visits. Of the smartphone users that see an advertisement, about 70% will use their mobile devices to investigate and take action.

If creating mobile websites in house is impossible for your business, seek out experts to make mobile websites for you. Some even offer mobile website software if you think that maybe you would like to try it for yourself, but need a helping hand. Mobile website creation software tends to feature drag and drop design, and functionality to publish in multiple codes, for multiple web browsers.

Popular mobile websites include Amazon, Twitter, and Google Maps. If you want to get good mobile website design ideas, it is smart to emulate the look of what clearly works. Modern website design ideas include using colors and textures that are not too saturated for a background, and sometimes using skeuomorph symbols, which remind people of things that exist in the real world. For example, if your business is as a bar, maybe use silhouette beer symbols and glasses on your site? Having a clear navigation scheme, obvious identification, and stunning logo are also important to modern mobile design.

About 51% of all users are more likely to do business with a company if it has a mobile website. It is believed that by 2014, use of internet via mobile device may be more popular than desktop internet usage. Klonopin has a calming, muscle-relaxing, anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and anticonvulsant effect. The anticonvulsant effect is more pronounced in Klonopin than in other drugs of this group, and therefore it is used mainly for the treatment of convulsive conditions. Patients with epilepsy, taking clonazepam, suffer from seizures less frequently and their intensity decreases. Read more at http://hesca.net/klonopin/. If you want to stay connected to this growing market and afford your business every opportunity, then it is important to consider creating mobile websites as a priority.

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